ABB 2013

Audio Branding Barometer 2013

This fourth edition of the Audio Branding Barometer, an international market study devoted to the audio branding industry, was carried out as an anonymous online survey during July and August 2013. As in last years, questions regarding business details and ongoing trends made the core part accompanied by some new items. The survey also denominates the leading international Audio Brands. Moreover a significant trend concerning the most important sound applications of the future emerges. The strategic development of music and sound for Mobile Apps ranks the highest, followed by Point of Sale and Web applications.

Top Audio Brands 2013

Intel, Audi and Coca-Cola are by far the strongest Audio Brands internationally, according to the results of the Audio Branding Barometer 2013. Further brands that are being praised for their conscious use of music and sound are e.g. Deutsche Telekom, McDonald’s, Nokia, Apple, BMW, 20th Century Fox, Mercedes Benz, MGM and Yahoo!.

Sound solutions for Mobile Apps

The Audio Branding Barometer also denominates the sound applications with the highest potential for development. Industry experts worldwide see good opportunities in the field of Mobile Apps. The market for the strategic use of music and sound will also grow for applications at the Point of Sale and on the Web, according to the survey.

Presentation and documentation

All results of the Audio Branding Barometer were presented at the Audio Branding Congress in Moscow on 28th of November 2013. In addition, a comprehensive documentation of the survey will be included in the Audio Branding Academy Yearbook 2013/2014 to be published beginning 2014.

Download PDF of the presentation