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Jamie Perera is a composer based in East London. He also does audio branding, sound design, soundscapes, music supervision, and owns a commercial music library. His work has served many different clients including Nike, Sony, Ubisoft, Citibank and Arcelor Mittal. He is also part of The Sound Agency team that won the 2012 Audio Branding Award for its work with Harrods. Jamie likes turning relevant sound into innovative music for various purposes. For example he’s created rhythmic sequences of body movements for Chevrolet, turned a famous Swiss band’s folk music into a Daft Punk track for UPC Cablecom, and made a soundtrack out of guns for Amnesty International. Jamie is constantly challenging the conventions between music and sound, whilst finding the perfect balance for each client he works with.



High level of detail in analysis whilst remaining as free as possible in the creation of sound and music.

7 years of audio branding experience coupled with composing to an Emmy nominated standard.

Reason Why
Genuinely enjoys unpicking a brand’s history, personality and values, discovering sonic assets and creating meaningful content for differentiation, trust and new ways to interact.