ISA2019 Yearbook

International Sound Awards Yearbook 2019


The International Sound Awards (ISA) promote innovative, smart and useful sound projects, products and services that contribute to the motto: Make The World Sound Better!

In 2019, 31 projects  in 11 categories were nominated and 10 projects won the “ISAbell” trophy. The winners come from Costa Rica, Germany, Finland, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the U.S.. Two outstanding works from Finland and Germany were honored with a „Grand Prix”.

Each project is rated by at least 5 jurors based on the criteria smart, innovative, useful on a scale of 1 to 10 points. The median of the juror’s ratings defines the result per project. Starting at 5.5 points, the project is nominated and receives the ‘Better Sound’ award. From 7.5 points one can call herself a winner and from 9 points upwards one gets the highest award, the ‘Grand Prix’.

This Yearbook contains all nominated and winner projects of the International Sound Awards 2019 and the profiles of the award jury.


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