HUGO BOSS Sound Manual

Speaker: Robin Hofmann
Agency: HearDis! – Germany


Abstract (Description by HearDis!)

In order to follow a successful brand strategy, it is mandatory to be aware of the musical positioning of the company. Therefore everyone involved in the communication needs to understand the musical spectrum of the brand. Audio Branding often requires detailed musical expertise. That is why we decided to innovate our Sound Manual® to a level where it can be used by music experts as well as people with an average musical knowledge.

The Sound Manual® individually defines the musical implementation of a brand and creates the conceptual basis for Audio Branding. Besides the conceptual aspect of the Sound Manual®, HearDis! visualizes the musical spectrum in an interactive tool to make it accessible to every involved party. The Sound Manual® was developed in partnership with the German fashion brand HUGO BOSS. It defines the musical spectrum of the brand universe and illustrates the sound of BOSS, BOSS Orange, BOSS Green and HUGO acoustically, interactively and in written form.

The Audio Branding visualization starts with the brand overview where the intersection of musical genres and brands can be found. Each brand and collection can be viewed individually but the tool also provides an intuitive comparison of BOSS, BOSS Orange, BOSS Green and HUGO – illustrating the differences and similarities in their musical genre-diversification.

The Sound Manual® enables the user to see each brand in relation to genres, styles or brand values. Moreover, the perspective can be switched between brand fit and music statement. The HearDis! Sound Manual® also includes up-to-date sample tracks for each brand which can be played in a playlist or directly in the chart. Thus, the user has the opportunity to explore the musical spectrum of the brand and discover new music artists and trends on his own.

Additional information

With our experience as musicians, marketing experts and musicologists, we collected and evaluated the research data. Using this collected material, we created the basic concept for the HUGO BOSS Sound Manual® and developed it in partnership with clients and potential users. Initially we made an analysis of the current state assessing the brand, products, target groups, current marketing strategies, the general use of sound elements on the particular channels and their consumer influence. Afterwards, the results were transferred to an audible dimension based on musical experience and musicological insights.

Definition/Classification of brand values: Research within all provided material (briefings, moods…) regarding the brand identity. Clustering of the results via induction, following the bottom-up strategy.

Antagonisms: Analysis of existing contradictions, respectively definition of the musical framework.

Assignment of appropriate musical characteristics: Classification and antagonism conclude the musical characteristics of each brand and directly correspond with the used adjectives and the brand identity.

Definition of the music spectrum: The musical style and spectrum is defined by general factors such as target group, product and media.

Being the musical compass for all branding activities containing audio (e.g. PoS, events, online), the Sound Manual® is a compulsory guideline for all relevant HUGO BOSS departments, agencies, licensors and business partners.



Time period of realization

February 2014 until December 2014

In addition to the published information this case includes material that is confidential and only for the eyes and ears of the jury.



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