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The Heart and Mind Concept



BETTER SOUND 2019 | Category: 3.1 Soundscapes and Ambient Sound


ÅF Sound & Vibration



ÅF Sound & Vibration developed a sound concept for The Conference – an international tech conference attracting both speakers and visitors from all over the world. The sound concept aimed to fulfil two purposes; to tie the different areas of the venue together and to audibly enhance the brand and visual concept of The Conference. 


Project description

Initial outset
The Conference is a yearly tech conference that welcomes speakers and visitors from all over the world. ÅF Sound & Vibration was assigned by the arranger, Media Evolution, to develop a sound concept and soundscape, as part of a multi-sensory communication strategy, for the 2018 conference.

Idea and concept
Much of what is communicated in a conference is not in the content of speeches, but in the way the content is delivered. The arranger wanted a sound concept to convey the values of their conference and exist within the set of parameters defined by the visuals and the topics covered; human behaviour, complexity and making things happen. The multi-sensory approach aimed to give added value for the conference and its visitors.  

The foundation of the sound concept was based on geometry and the shapes of the visuals of The Conference. Different sounds have different characteristics based on the mix of wave forms that constitutes the sound. Martin Hallberg, Sound Designer and Concept Developer, translated the triangle, the square and the circle to wave forms: sawtooth wave, square wave and sinus wave. An instrument characteristic from each wave form was chosen; bowed strings are predominantly sawtooth wave, bass clarinet is predominantly square wave and Moog synthesizer in this case is sinus wave. All areas of the venue were decorated with these instruments. Further sound effects and surprising elements were added to enhance the collage esthetic of The Conference’s overall arrangement.

Deliverables in the project included conceptual work and production, soundscape for piazza and mingling areas and soundscape for the salon.

The result was an event with an overall arrangement that created a comfortable environment, for speakers and visitors alike. The use of soundscapes (in addition to visual decorations)  in the different areas of the venue helped establish a recurring theme throughout the event and creates an awareness for the visitor.


Project video