Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion:

What’s The Next Big Thing?

Key Questions like the following will be discussed:

Telephone sound is probably the single biggest business-losing sound today. Is it our role to redesign IVR hell and on-hold tedium, and make the phone a rich and pleasing experience?

Most websites are still silent, even though the web is multimedia. How can we develop the intelligent use of sound on websites without intruding or being annoying? Examples might include ambience, diversion while carrying out boring tasks, audio downloads, games and interaction, signposting (especially for visually impaired)… what rules should we apply?

Social media get more and more noisy. Which sound opportunities and which threats evolve with this audification of social media?

More and more technical devices from our daily life are going to be replaced by multimedia apps on standard smartphones and tablets. Is there something like an APPlification in general and what new opportunities for the use of sound do emerge with this phenomenon? How could brands create better sound experiences with this new technologies?

The Internet is starting to speak and listen, with Google Voice, Siri and the like. How can we figure in this important development?

Product sound is the ultimate sonic customer experience. We’ve talked about electric car sounds in past ABCs… but what are the other opportunities for us in this area?

What new opportunities are likely to arise as the war on copyright for music runs its course? Are the licensing agencies dead men walking?

What are the most promising markets for Audio Branding? How do emerging markets deal with sound and what sound opportunities do they provide?

Panelists and Moderation

Michaël Boumendil (Sixième Son)

Mark Dewings (SoundCloud)

Vladimir Kozlov (DigiSky)

Tom Trones (Cisco)

Carl-Frank Westermann (WESOUND)

Vyacheslav Chernyakhovskii  (Russian Academy of Advertising)

Moderation: Julian Treasure (The Sound Agency)