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Music Influence on Brand Perception: Survey of the Commercials’ Communicative Efficiency

Yulia Malenkaya (Sound ID Audiobranding)


Music plays a pervasive role in consumers’ lives and is often used in marketing communications. As a powerful means of mood creation and communication of feelings and emotions, music appears to be an important component of audio support in commercials. This paper explores the influence of music on the efficiency of commercials. For this purpose a survey of 6 video spots was conducted. Selected ad videos included 3 videos with music, consciously chosen according to the key brand attributes, and 3 videos in which music is chosen without regard to the image of the brand. Selected commercials were shown to the sample of 83 respondents, who filled in questionnaires after the overview. The survey’s results indicate that music may have significant impact on audience perception of the brands: commercials with conscious music choice gave a much clearer idea of brands to the respondents, than the ones with unconscious choice of music.