Acoustic Branding in the Web

Call for Papers – Talk

Acoustic Branding on the Internet: An Empirical Exploration for Dräger

Patrick Langeslag (audio consulting group)


The purpose of the report is to assess the effects of music in company websites on user behaviour as well as brand perception. Therefore, interviews with members of the target audience (n=40) and a website test (n=1238) have been undertaken. The interviews explored user behaviour on the website, individual assessment of implemented music design and brand awareness. The website test examined the effects of two webpage versions – without and with music, on the user behaviour indicators “average time spent on page” and “bounces”.

Main findings of the report were that integrated music on websites is able to address visitors emotionally and direct their attention towards certain parts of the website. Brand perception benefits from the integration of acoustic branding into the web design and time spent on page can be extended. Research did not show an impact on bounce rates.