Zanna Sound, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Zanna has diplomas in lyrical singing, is a songwriter and music producer. She’s a citizen of both Italy and Brazil, was born in Rio de Janeiro but spent ten years in Italy. There, with her Italian band, Bossa Nostra, she recorded CDs featuring some of her original songs. The song “Jackie” (in the album “Karmalion”) is a hit all around the globe in the World Music category. Zanna has performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, opening for Herbie Hancock and Morcheeba, at the London Jazz Café, and toured in Japan, the USA, Russia, and all over Europe. In Brazil, in 2003, she recorded her first solo album, “Eletron Music by Zanna”, coproduced by Carlos Trilha (musical producer for Marisa Monte).

In her five years in New York City, she composed soundtracks for commercial films for brands such as Veet, Miller, Anticco Effetto. There, she started her branding studies and observed the impact of sound in the world. Still in NYC, she began building up her Sound Branding methodology. Today, finally back in Brazil with her own company, Zanna Sound, she helps large brands with Sound Communication. These brands include: Banco do Brasil, Unimed, Cacau Show, EMBRATUR, and Amil. In addition, she hosts a TV show, “Vida Sonora”, on the Futura Channel, where she talks about the impact of sound.

Presentation: Unimed-Rio Case Study