Jesper Ramsgaard

Jesper Ramsgaard, DELTA SenseLab, Denmark

As a member of the DELTA SenseLab team, Jesper is continously developing methods and methodologies as well as conducting listening experiments within a wide range of domains, e.g. emotion, sound quality, music, product sound quality, cross-modal studies etc.

Jesper holds a BA from the University of Copenhagen in Musicology/Psychology, and a MA from University of Aarhus in Multimedia Studies. As further being a graduate in audio design from The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment (DADIU), Jesper has extensive experience as sound designer in animations film and computer game production.

In applying sensory tests on an every day basis, he believes that examining the effect and perception of sound from the perspective of the end-user/consumer can contribute to any creative process whether it be product development or music production.
DELTA SenseLab

Presentation: Quantifying perception of sound in a branding context