Unimed-Rio Case Study

Unimed-Rio Case Study

Speaker: Zanna, Zanna Sound
Client: Unimed-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Agency: Zanna Sound, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


UNIMED-Rio is the Top of Mind brand in health plans; the largest network in Brazil, with 34% of the national market. They are currently seeking to recover and unify the essence of he brand in all of their communication. What sets them apart is the concept of Health and Life. After an extensive process of branding, in January 2010, Unimed-Rio asked Zanna Sound to build up their Sound Communication. This included the Sound Logo and a Sound Plan that would support the brand in all points of contact.

We offered a more complex process that would include more than just the sound logo, but also Guidelines, a Musical Theme, Sound Design, Repertoire and a way to disseminate the study and measure the results. The process is still ongoing, but we already have some pieces to share and show how we translated data into sounds. You can follow the method, hear and see the results we have up to now in the video “UNIMED-Rio Sound Case”.

Some research data we consider fundamental for our music choices are:
  • Of the people possessing health plans in Brazil, 38% are class A and B or have university degrees.
  • Women are the main decision-makers in family health plans.
  • Rio de Janeiro loves informal street bars.
  • “Root” samba is back in vogue in Lapa.
  • The environment is crucial in the Carioca’s lifestyle.
The Archetype is the Wizard. He is a charismatic, visionary leader, who redefines concepts into new visions. In the case of UNIMED, it redefined the concept of health in happiness.

Time period of realization

From January 2010, ongoing