Sound Branding @ Siemens

Sound Branding @ Siemens

Speakers: Jürgen Barthel, Siemens / Marcel Kloppenburg, MetaDesign AG
Client: Siemens AG, Germany
Agency: MetaDesign AG, Berlin, Germany


As long ago as the in the year 2003 Siemens and MetaDesign started to develop a distinct sound concept for the Siemens brand. Since then the topic “sound” became a permanent feature of the Siemens Corporate Design. Over the years on the one hand the conception became more complex and sophisticated, on the other hand we kept our mind on the applicability and audibility of the framework. Today we provide a comprehensive range of rules, examples and additional information as well as a considerable of sound files for download.

The concept corporate sound is composed of corporate music, corporate soundscape, corporate voice and audio signature. The effectiveness of implementation increased since we consider sound branding as a functional integrated element of our audiovisual brand appearance. The long-established cooperation between MetaDesign and Siemens has been proved to be successful for an ongoing development of sound branding within the overall change process of Branding and Corporate Design.

Time period of realization

2003 – 2010 (still in progress)