Quantifying Perception

Quantifying perception of sound in a branding context

Speaker: Jesper Ramsgaard, DELTA SenseLab, Denmark


Listening tests have long been applied in various areas of research including, but not limited to, music psychology, sound quality research, product sound evaluation etc. However, the practial use of listening tests as verification of whether one solution is more appropriate than another is more or less limited to actual product (hardware) development. In this paper it is shown how listening tests can be used in quantifying various aspects of sound perception in a branding context.

Two experiments will presented; 1) first focusing on the measurement of emotions in relation to music and 2) examining the associative relationship between soundlogos and short text strings (payoffs) from a cross-modal perspective. The results from these listening tests demonstrate how the quantification of sound can help document allignment between certain brand elements and sound. It is shown that listening tests can provide statistically valid data, and give valuable end-user/consumer input to the complex descisions that marketeers and creative sound designers face in their everyday life.