Panel Discussion

What Will the Car of the Future Sound Like?

Panel Discussion

For car manufacturers, sound design has already been a major focus for many years. Originally, designing sounds were used to help the driver and benefit the function of the product; but now creating brand specific sounds that also portray the identity of a brand is becoming more and more important to the industry.

With the invention of hybrid and electric cars, and the opportunity to add an artificial sound to the engines, sound design in the automotive industry is facing a new level of fundamental changes. Along with new ways of creating engine sounds that enrich customer experience, the requirements concerning the safety of pedestrians and sound pollution have to be fulfilled.

In the panel discussion moderated by Karsten Kilian, participants Dr. Fabian Evert, Professor Charles Spence, Dr. Markus Bodden, Dr. Jorge Seco, and Sara Lenzi will discuss opportunities, risks, requirements, and possible scenarios of the (brand-)sound worlds of future vehicles.

Panelists and Moderation:

Dr. Fabian Evert (BMW, Munich, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Charles Spence (University of Oxford, England)

Dr. Jorge Seco (FIAMM, Italy)

Dr. Markus Bodden (Product Sound, Essen, Germany)

Sara Lenzi (Lorelei – acoustic & sound design agency, Italy)

Moderation: Karsten Kilian