Audio Branding Barometer 2010

Audio Branding Barometer 2010

Audio Branding Academy, Hamburg, Germany

The Audio Branding Academy conducted this study in September 2010. Their aim is to deliver valid and comparable market data for this industry every year. Agencies from 13 countries had participated in this year’s study.

The study shows clearly that Germany, Great Britain and the USA are the global centers in this branch. Approximately half of the agencies participating in the study had started business during the last 10 years. Audio Branding is a comparably young branch.

Another striking fact is that Audio Branding seems to be a business run by smaller specialized agencies. The big players are not (yet) greatly involved. (78% of the agencies have less than 11 employees, 13% between 11 and 20 employees).

Media enterprises, telecommunication and pharmaceutical companies are the most frequent customers. The highest revenues are achieved in retail business, food industry and financial services.

Audio logos/jingles, sounds for phone waiting loops and CI-compliant music for advertisement spots are most frequently requested.

Overall, participants in this branch see an increasingly positive development for the future.

A documentation of the survey will be included in the Audio Branding Academy Yearbook 2010/2011 to be published beginning 2011

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