Program 2010

Program 2010

Program Brochure 2010 (PDF)

Sound Design: How understanding the brain of the consumer can enhance auditory and multisensory product/brand development

AUDI Corporate Sound

Audio Branding Barometer 2010

CNN International Rebrand

Sound Branding @ Siemens

Unimed-Rio Case Study

A case study of the development and implementation of a Sound Identity for DATEV eG

What Does Amsterdam Sound Like?

Sound Design for New Products: Interactions with Technical Functionalities and Branding

Sound Design for Silent Vehicles: Security – Identity – Emotion

Sound, Color, Space – Synesthetic Design

Sound Communication – Towards a new understanding of briefing communication in the sound branding process

Sound for Electric Vehicles

Quantifying perception of sound in a branding context

Background Music at the Point of Sale in Austria – acceptance caused by lifestyle fit

Panel Discussion: What Will the Car of the Future Sound Like?