Call for papers 2010

Besides a call for best practice cases, this year the Audio Branding Academy announced a call for scientific papers in the fields of “Sound and Music in Corporate Communications” and “Multisensory Branding/Design”. Submissions could be made until August 31st. After a pre-selection by the Audio Branding Academy, and the reviews by the members of the Advisory Board the results of the reviewing process are as follows: three papers were accepted as talks and four papers as poster presentations.


Background Music at the Point of Sale in Austria – acceptance caused by lifestyle fit
Prof. Dr. Herbert Bruhn, University of Flensburg, Germany

Sound Communication – Towards a new understanding of briefing communication in the sound branding process
Cornelius Stiegler, Berlin University of the Arts, Germany

Sound Design for New Products: Interactions with Technical Functionalities and Branding
Prof. Dr. Torsten Teichert, Daniel Wagenführer, Christian Weisssteiner, University of Hamburg, Germany

Poster Presentations

Audio branding in line with brand personality
Jenny Müller, Prof. Dr. Manfred Kirchgeorg, HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

Music in Television Advertising: How Sound Logos Affect Consumer Emotions
Tom Stephenson, Universtiy of Surrey, United Kingdom

Semantic meanings associated with popular music: An international consideration of music genre in branding
Dr. Mark Shevy, Northern Michigan University of Marquette,  USA, Susanne Kristen, Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) of Munich, Germany

Sound and Image. An experimental study on the influence of acoustical parameters on the perception of a product’s image in the context of TV-commercials
Dr. Beate Flath, University of Graz, Austria