Call for cases 2010

To the elected cases


“This congress will change our industry for ever!” were the opening words of sound expert Julian Treasure’s presentation at the Audio Branding Congress 2009 in Hamburg. Treasure was right. What used to be a fragmented domain of pioneers and lone fighters for audio branding, is now growing together.
The story now continues: On November 5th 2010 the Audio Branding Academy is organizing the second Audio Branding Congress in Hamburg. Besides a call for papers, this time there will be an official call for best practice cases in the field of audio branding and music marketing.
Brands and agencies can submit their proposals until July 30th 2010. The most interesting cases will be presented on the website of the Audio Branding Academy to let the public vote on them. Cases which received the most votes will be presented at the Audio Branding Congress 2010, and published in the Audio Branding Academy Yearbook.
Cases presented by both a representative of the brand and an agency representative will be preferred (it has been shown that in the presence of agency and brand representatives the most interesting discussions between audience and speakers evolve).

Requirements for contributions:

  • The presented case must be a project from the fields of audio branding or music marketing and was completed within the last four years.
  • The project should be innovative and set new standards
  • Only one case can be presented
  • The presenting agency was mainly responsible for conception and realization
  • In the ideal case the project is presented by both representatives of brand and agency. Presentations with a co-speaker will be preferred.
  • The presentation must include description of task, approach, and results
  • Language for submissions and presentations is English
  • Submissions are free of charge

Submissions must include:

  • Title of project/presentation
  • Short abstract describing project and presentation
  • Time period of realization
  • Information about the speakers (short CV and photo)
  • Examples of the deliverables (sound samples, videos, figures, etc.)

Submission deadline is July 30th 2010
Submissions will be accepted until July 30th 2010. Submissions must be sent in digital format to

info (at) (max. 5 MB), via ftp-download or by mail (CD, DVD) to:

Audio Branding Academy
Kai Bronner
Barnerstraße 61
22765 Hamburg

We are looking forward to numerous and interesting submissions!

Best regards
( ( ( ABA team ) ) )