Call for Papers 2013


The very broad topic of the call for 2013 is ″Sound Opportunities.″ This topic can be interpreted either in the research and development context of ″prospects for new sound applications″, or in an economical context as ″good chances″ for business in Russia and Eastern Europe. All in all, it is about future trends in research, product development, brand communications and business with the sophisticated use of sound and silence.

Accepted submissions will be presented either as a 25 minute talk or as a poster within a scientific forum. After the reviews by the members of the Advisory Board the final selection is as follows:


Acoustic Branding On the Internet: An Empirical Exploration for Dräger
Patrick Langeslag

Poster Presentations

Sound Quality vs. Sound Identity. The Perceptibility of Audio Logos Under Everyday Conditions of Transmission and Reception
Christoph Anzenbacher, Christoph Reuter, Michael Oehler

Audio Branding for Fashion: An Experiment of Education on Sound for a New Generation of Professionals
Gianpaolo D’Amico

Music Influence on Brand Perception: Survey of the Commercials’ Communicative Efficiency
Yulia Malenkaya