Nokia Core Sounds 2013

Client: Nokia
Agency: Nokia Design internal sound team

Abstract (Description of the project by Nokia)

This presentation describes the background, process and output of Nokia’s internal sound design team’s work to renew Nokia’s key branded sounds (Nokia Tune ringtone, message, email, calendar, alarm clock) in 2013 and creation of Nokia’s new sound logo – the first of it’s kind for Nokia.

In the presentation we go through the history of Nokia Tune from the first TV advertisement and features in TV and movies to the most recent crowdsourcing contest. This is all relevant to understand the heritage of the sound we are working with. We’ll present the four design drivers for the new sounds: Device Portfolio, Brand, Industrial Design and context of Designing for Small Speakers.

We had four design streams from which we play examples from and talk about the process of creating them and some methods we used for gathering feedback and key findings from those. There are some examples of sharing the work in media and through our social media channels and feedback we’ve got from those.

Video Presentation


Time period of realization

October 2012 –  March 2013




In addition to the published information this case includes material that is confidential and only for the eyes and ears of the jury.