GEFCO Sound Identity

Client: GEFCO
Agency: Dissonances – France

Abstract (Description of the project by Dissonances)

GEFCO as a large international logistics’ company in the car industry, with 10,300 employees of 65 different nationalities, wanted to establish a new coherence and a federative element thanks to an original sound identity deployed in 32 countries. The sound identity was defined in order to transposes the universe of GEFCO: the logistics, the precision and at the same time to be recognizable all over the world.

We carried out a special program that included: a sound audit, a benchmark of its competitors, positioning musical recommendations and a presentation to the top management. In order to create a demarcating sound identity, the selected strategy was to express the GEFCO’s ambition as a leader in logistics industry and its international development. Artistically, the sound identity is built entirely from notes GEFCO, continuing the correspondence letters/notes initiated by JS Bach. The melody of the sound identity is designed in a question-answer format in order to transpose the responsiveness of GEFCO’s services. The creation expresses also the adaptability and the rigor of the logistics business. It is expressed by an electro rhythm of a canon between wood and string instruments.A symphonic orchestration with voices and ethnic percussions reflects the aim of the group: its international development.

The sound identity evokes the stringent standards and the adaptability of the GEFCO business lines. The sound identity is installed on the telephone at GEFCO’s head office and in all subsidiaries from Russia to Buenos Aires. The sound identity comes on corporate films, radio ads, Internet banners, mobile phone and presentations. The sound identity helps GEFCO to create an additional unifying element.  The melody was revealed via a making of. Therefore, the 65 nationalities of the group mad it entirely their own sound identity, which has been deployed in all communication tools in a consistent logic.

Additional information

The exclusive music boosts the brand. The sound identity strengthens the GEFCO brand, gives it greater impact, adds a new emotion dimension to the logo and creates value. The sound identity has been adapted for Internet ads, with more dynamism in order to catch directly the attention of the public. The brand awareness increases thanks to the making of and the utilisation on divers institutional movies of the music. The sound identity brought a more coherent communication.

Furthermore, a musical charter was developed to create brand sound guidelines for the entire group. The musical charter is the counterpart of the visual charter of GEFCO. In this sound identity kit all the formats, the two arrangements are explained and gathered. Some recommendations are given in the musical charter to use the sound at the best. Thanks to this original sound identity, the GEFCO’s brand identity is enhanced.

Time period of realization

September 2012