SFR rebrands with impact and simplicity

Client: SFR
Agency: Sixième Son – France


Abstract (Description by Sixième Son)

SFR is the largest alternative mobile operator in Europe. It’s a well-established and powerful brand with strong market positions and assets. Moreover, it is appreciated by its audience for creatively collaborating with a broad network of music partners since 2004. When rebranding efforts began in 2014, the company aspired to create an effective tool that would clarify communication efforts, differentiate from competition, increase customer retention and take their use of music to the next level. Their answer was to design an audio identity.

A brand that lives at the forefront of technology, SFR has in its DNA elegance, style, fluidity and agility. These values were translated through a unique audio texture as well as a memorable and proprietary principal theme that leaves its imprint after being heard just once. The audio identity’s highly differentiated sound comes from combining organic and electro music styles. An elevated rhythm then reinforces the dynamism of the brand. As a whole composition, the music provides a clear idea of innovation without seeming cold.

The SFR audio identity has exploded onto the scene and well-received by customers. More memorable and attractive, simpler and more effective, the new audio identity has proved to be a powerful audio imprint for the brand. The tool allows SFR to communicate its values with great impact across all touchpoints: TV, radio, events, mobile phones, commercial and corporate videos.

“The new audio identity provides an outstanding way for SFR to differentiate and add value to the brand. Though chances to leave such a strong impact on customers are few and far between, the unique personality of the audio identity gives SFR this rare opportunity.”
Samuel Loiseau, SFR Brand Director

Time period of realization

November 2013 – ongoing


In addition to the published information this case includes material that is confidential and only for the eyes and ears of the jury.