Videos 2011

Congress Videos 2011


video link Martyn Ware: The Future of Sonic Branding

video link Dr. Klaus Frieler: The Audio Branding Barometer 2011

video link Tapio Hakanen: Evolution of Audio Branding in Mobile Devices at Nokia

video link Steve Keller: Examination of Emerging Best Practices in the Audio Branding Industry

video link Stephen Dewey: Droid Does – The Doing of Droid

video link Julie Winther: Free Associative Profiling on Sound Logos – an Exploratory Study

video link Paul Kalbfleisch: Epic Music as Brand Anthems

video link Waltraud Niemann: Award Case Study: DiBaDu – a Brand Promise Made Audible

video link C. Meinschad / H. Kusatz: Award Case Study: The Modern Sound of Vienna

video link Zanna: Award Case Study: Sabesp Sound Branding

video link P. Dytz / L. Tonetto / F. Lima: Award Case Study: Voice and Sound Logo for the Brand Airela

video link W. Hirsch: Award Case Study: Acoustic Branding in All Dimensions – UBS

video link R. Jones: Contours and Conventions – Communicating Information and Emotion

video link Panel Discussion: Mobile Audio Branding – Spatial Pollution or Good Vibrations?

video link Congress Interview: Tapio Hakanen

video link Congress Interview: Michaël Boumendil

video link Congress Interview: Wilbert Hirsch

video link Congress Interview: Martyn Ware

video link Congress Interview: Paul Kalbfleisch

video link Congress Interview: Dag Piper

video link Congress Trailer