Zanna is a musical producer with a degree in Lyrical Singing. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, lived in Europe for ten years where she recorded two albums as a member of the Bossa Nostra Band: Karmalions and Voyage to Brazilia. The song Jackie became well known worldwide. The band toured through Europe, Japan and the USA, participated in the Montreux Jazz Festival and opened concerts for Herbie Hancock and Morcheeba.

In 2002, in New York, she worked for brands such as: Marie Claire, Veet and Muller. She grew tired of making music on demand and began studying Branding and developed her Sound Branding methodology. Back to Brazil, in 2007, she started Zanna Sound. With its consistent methodology, Zanna Sound has already benefited brands like Banco do Brasil, EMBRATUR, SABESP and UNIMED.

Presentation: Sabesp Sound Branding