Stephen Dewey

After years of studio engineering, touring, programming, and feature film work, Sound Designer Stephen Dewey founded Machine Head, widely recognized as the first company offering sound design as a discrete discipline for the advertising community. In the ensuing twenty years, Machine Head has shaped the critical role that sound plays in advertising.

Stephen earned his creative credentials initially by working with the UK chart topping band, Thompson Twins. He has collaborated with many luminaries such as Thomas Dolby, Hans Zimmer, Quincy Jones, Depeche Mode, and Michael Jackson, to name a few, on a diverse slate of projects, from blockbuster albums to theme park rides. He has garnered multiple AICP awards, holds the highest tally of Gold Clio awards for sound design, and his work in creating in the most memorable sound moments in Adrian Lynne’s Jacob’s Ladder and Ridley Scott’s Black Rain resulted in Oscar Best Sound nominations.

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