Russ Jones

As co-founder and creative director of Condiment Junkie, Russell has overseen designing User Interface (UI) audio for bestselling apps including Solar System, Storytime, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and Phaidon, and created sonic id’s and Human Machine Interface (HMI) audio for automotive, retail and FMCG brands.

Condiment Junkie have become leaders in their field, working with premium brands to maximise the use of sound across all touch points, specialising in HMI and digital, and experiential events. Russell also keeps Condiment Junkie constantly innovating by working on research projects within healthcare and education, and with visionaries such as chef Heston Blumenthal, investigating how sound links with the other senses to create more powerful and meaningful experiences.

After studying film, Russell began his career writing and producing music under the pseudonym Victor Malloy, and producing material for several Mercury nominated artists, as well as developing a long time collaboration with choreographer Shelly Love, creating sound design and music for several dance films and performances.

After discovering a mutual interest in the potential of sound, Russell founded Condiment Junkie with marketeer Scott King to explore the applications of sound design in branding and experiential marketing. Russell is also a regular visiting lecturer at Falmouth University on sound design in cinema.

Presentation: Contours and Conventions – Communicating Information and Emotion