Julie Winther

As a member of the DELTA SenseLab team, Julie is continuously developing methods and methodologies for evaluating sounds in relation to brands. She is currently devoting her time to the research project Exploring Sound Logos; a collaborative project between SenseLab, Copenhagen Business School and Sonic Minds, which is financed by an independent government-funded agency. Lastly, she has been the author of articles to organizations related to the music industry.

Julie holds a BSc. in Business and Corporate Communication from Copenhagen Business School and is finishing the MSc. in Marketing Communication Management from Copenhagen Business School. She has been in the sound branding industry since 2008 at the bureau side, and after a break of 1 year in South East Asia, Julie is now working with sound branding from the scientific side.

Coming from a marketing and branding background Julie believes that examining the end-user/consumer perception of sound in relation to the brand can give valuate information to the company’s decision-making in sound branding implementing and evaluating phases.

Presentation: Free Associative Profiling on Sound Logos – an Exploratory Study