Call for papers 2011

Also this year the Audio Branding Academy announced a call for scientific papers. The topics were ‘Mobile Branding and Audio Branding’. Submissions could be made until August 31st. After a pre-selection by the Audio Branding Academy, and the reviews by the members of the Advisory Board the results of the reviewing process are as follows: three papers were accepted as talks and four papers as poster presentations.


Caveat Emptor: Towards an Examination of Emerging Best Practices in the Audio Branding Industry
Steve Keller
(Cedarville University, USA)

Free Associative Profiling on Sound Logos – an Exploratory Study
Julie Winther (DELTA SenseLab, Denmark)

Poster Presentations

Testing Affective Responses to Different Brand Vocal and Sound Logo Stimuli: A Case Study
(Leandro Miletto Tonetto (Zooma Consumer Experience), Rodrigo Beck Leite Trevisan (Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos))

The Effect of Branded Acoustic Stimuli on Purchase Behavior
(Patrick Langeslag, Roberto Santos, Julia Schwieger (audio consulting group))

Audiologos – Are there Common Rules for the Design of a Catchy Melodic Figure?
(Chistoph Anzenbacher (University of Vienna))

Emotional Audio Branding in a Retailing Setting
(Jenny Müller, Manfred Kirchgeorg (HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management))