DiBaDu – A Brand Promise Made Audible

Speaker: Waltraud Niemann (ING-DiBa AG)
Client: ING-DiBa AG (Germany)
Agencies: Freunde des Hauses , PAS DE DEUX (Kris Steininger) (Germany)


Brand history

Brand evolution

  • ING-DiBa has its roots in the BSV: The Bank für Spareinlagen und Vermögensbildung AG in Frankfurt am Main, founded in 1965.
  • It was renamed in 1994 as the ‘Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank’ and in 1999 as DiBa (Direktbank). Renamed again as ING-DiBa in 2005, following acquisition of majority sharehold by ING.
History – audio branding

Audio branding, phase I

  • The new name of the ‘Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank’, DiBa (Direktbank), was launched in the course of a brand campaign in1999. The key focus was on the new brand name. This was supported ideally by a specially developed jingle.
  • The key theme from Bert Kaempfert’s ‘Strangers In The Night’ became the familiar ‘DiBa-DiBa-Du’. (see TVC ‘100201_TV_ExKo_18’, ‘100201_TV_ExKo_TGS_8’) – Everyone knows it, everyone likes it. It’s a really catchy tune.
  • Despite all changes the brand went through, the sound remained as a familiar constant that characterises the brand identity of ING-DiBa and guarantees an extremely high brand recall factor. People begin to sing it as soon as someone mentions the brand: DiBaDiBaDu…lalalala…DiBaDiBaDu….
The challenge of new audio branding

Audio branding, phase II

  • Within the course of repositioning the ING-DiBa brand, one of the tasks was to further develop the sound component (jingle, brand voice, soundscape)
  • Which aims were to be fulfilled by the new audio branding?
  • More intense emotionalisation of the ING-DiBa brand.
  • Translate the brand promise into an experience: DiBaDu communicates ‘The Bank and You“. The brand promise reflects a concrete customer experience: the DiBaDu feeling (customers experience it, for example, through simplicity, transparency, customer service, etc. at ING-DiBa). The DiBaDu feeling is to be made audibly tangible.
  • Modernisation of the jingle while maintaining the familiarity already achieved by the brand sound and preserving its established extreme popularity.

Conclusion: Evolution not revolution

Sound process

1. Brand clarification workshop with metadesign
– What do the brand and sound stand for?
– What direction should the new sound take?
Result: Briefing draft for sound pitch with music production, sound checklist
2. Sound pitch with music production
Result: Preference for instrumentation and rhythm Surprise: general consensus on a female voice
3. Coincidence
Result: The initial analysis phase was aided by a coincidence. We discovered Melody Gardot in our free time. Her unique voice is absolutely ideal for the new brand image. It has a quality that only few possess, heart, soul and depth. This voice unites all the attributes required to communicate the authentic DiBaDu feeling.

New audio branding launch in two phases

The new campaign and the new audio branding are launched in two phases:

  • Pre-launch campaign with an intense focus on the new visual content and the new sound (see TVC ‘100901_TV_PreLaunch_ Paerchen_15’, ‘100901_TV_PreLaunch_ Paerchen_30’)
  • Launch backed by songs sung by Melody Gardot (see TVC ‘100920_TV_Giro_Kuegelchen_30’, 100920_TV_Giro_Kuegelchen_NK10’, 110708_TV_ExKo-Hotel_25’, 110708_TV_ExKo-Hotel_NK10’)

A harmonious brand identity that communicates the DiBaDu feeling in both audible and visual terms.


Brand KPI’s are monitored by monthly tracking

Additional information

Research & Analysis (PDF)

Time period of realization

August 2008 to September 2010 (on air)


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