Voice and Sound Logo for the Brand Airela

Speakers: Paulo Dytz (B Sound Thinking), Leandro Tonetto (Zooma), Fabiola Lima (Domíniu)
Client: Airela (Brasil)
Agencies: B Sound Thinking + Domíniu + Zooma (Brasil)



Airela is the newest Brazilian pharmaceutical manufacturer. The aim of this audio branding project was to develop Airela’s sound identity and materials to be used in the brand communication. In order to study Airela’s essence and to transpose it to sound and voice attributes, an ontological approach was applied to the brand. The process was aimed at understanding the brand coherence trough three domains: language, physicality and emotionality.

The analysis was the starting point to define motherhood as the main brand attribute, and to design its foundations: life, wellbeing, tenderness, joy, generosity and confidence. After defining these foundational attributes, each of them was correlated to sound and voice parameters, defining Airela’s voice and sound logo. These attributes generated an audio map, guiding the choice of voice characteristics (pitch, loudness, resonance, vocal attack, articulation, intonation, fluency, Pneumo-phono-articulatory coordination) and musical characteristics (time, pitch, timbre, texture, dynamics and articulation).

Together, these characteristics for sound and voice helped guiding the development of musical insights. A workshop with music producers and audio branding advisors was carried out in studio, in order to evaluate these insights. Two sound insights to voice and two sound logos were developed to be used in television and other brand touch points.

An experimental research was developed to evaluate the voices and sound logos efficacy to produce associations with life, well-being, tenderness, joy, generosity and confidence. 92 people were divided into two groups. Each group listened to one voice and one sound logo, answering objective questions about them. The results indicated the best choices in voice and sound logo to produce the intended brand associations. A sound identity manual was developed, containing all the essential information about the process and sound usage guidelines.

Video Case (including complete information about the project)

Additional information

Airela Brochure Explaining the Project (PDF)

Time period of realization

January 2011 – May 2011




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