Karsten Kilian

Karsten Kilian

Institute of Marketing, University of St.Gallen, Markenlexikon.com

Karsten Kilian has built up the most-respected website on brand management in the German-speaking world: Markenlexikon.com. He studied marketing and international management in the MBA program at the University of Florida and received his graduate degree of a Diplom-Kaufmann (equivalent to an MBA) at the University of Mannheim. He then worked several years as a consultant for Simon-Kucher & Partners in Bonn, before starting an extensive research project at the University of St. Gallen. Karsten has been a university lecturer in Germany and abroad for more then seven years now. He is author of more than 30 book contributions and professional articles. Karsten advises medium-sized companies on their brand strategy, he regularly conducts management seminars and frequently speaks at national and international marketing conferences.

University of St.Gallen


The Sound of Success – How to keep a brand orchestra in tune with its MARKnum opus
Brand leadership is like conducting an orchestra. Various musicians with unique personalities, many different instruments, and an audience that expects to hear one piece of music, an entire composition in harmony. Karsten Kilian explains how brand managers can get their brand orchestra in tune with their MARKnum opus. It all starts with a unique identity that makes the brand come alive – without needing extensive brand handbooks. The brand idea itself   – a simple but compelling message – intones the sound of success. With the help of the appropriate brand elements -audio logos among others – brand signals tell a compelling story, a story that makes customers want to buy this product – and no other. Only when all experiences with the brand are in tune with the brand identity, can brand success be acchomplished and customers will say – this brand? Sounds good!