Georg Spehr

Georg Spehr

Sound Studies, Berlin University of the Arts

Sound director, communication engineer and multimedia designer. 1989-1998 engineer for professional audio equipment. 1999-2002  multimedia designer for crossmedia and internet projects. Since 2002  freelancer for acoustic consulting and multimedia design. 2003-2005 lecturer at the FH-Potsdam, study course interface design. Since 2006  lecturer at University of Fine Arts Berlin, study course Sound  Studies. Speeches and publications in the field of functional sounds,  audio-branding, and acoustic conception. Consultant for the EU-funded  project “The Aural City | Die Hörsame Stadt” 2008. Editor of the book “Funktionale Klänge. Hörbare Daten, klingende Geräte und gestaltete  Hörerfahrungen”, transcript Verlag 2009.



Functional Sounds – more than a ping

Functional sounds are a very important part of our everyday life. They help us to communicate and interact with machines, environment and systems. They convey information, describe objects or situations, create attention and provide orientation to the listener. This lecture will give an overview of the manifold areas of applications and will review the current situation for applied sound design, because the Sound Object is no longer self-evident.

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