Georg Rabbe

Georg Rabbe

Managing Partner, Klangwerk Brand Acoustics GmbH

Klangwerk sees brand acoustics (corporate sound) as an integral component of every brand identity. For clients such as BMW, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Telekom AG, Klangwerk develops holistic concepts for expressing the brand personality in ways that can be heard and for implementing corporate sound at the various “customer touchpoints” of brand communication. The Klangwerk team comprises brand consultants, composers and music producers, and maintains four full-service recording studios at its offices in Cologne.

Georg Rabbe is the managing director of Klangwerk Brand Acoustics GmbH in Cologne.  His career has included stints as the marketing director of the tourism divisions of the Kaufhof Group as well as managing director of various advertising agencies. Before founding Klangwerk Brand Acoustics GmbH, Georg Rabbe was managing director of the leading brand consulting agency Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux.

Klangwerk Brand Acoustics

Wie viel Marke verträgt der Sound? – How much brand can the sound bear?

– German language –

The audio logo of Deutsche Telekom is one of the best-known acoustical brand signatures, and has been used consistently as a central branding element in all of the company’s communication for more than ten years. Using Deutsche Telekom as an example, this lecture illuminates the potential conflicts between consistent acoustical branding and the flexibility and adaptability that advertising requires. Like all musical compositions, the audio logo also undergoes changes with time. Guidelines prepared for Deutsche Telekom allow for the required flexibility while setting practical cornerstones that specify how much variation to the audio logo is allowed in different communication contexts.