Carsten Dethlefs

Carsten Dethlefs

Doctoral student, Institute for Barrier-free Information Technology, University of Applied Sciences Kiel

Diplomas in economic sciences at the Fachhochschule-Westkueste in Heide/Hollstein (here especially political marketing) 2004 and Fernuniversität in Hagen 2009. Carsten Dethlefs is blind since 1984. At the Fachhochschule-Kiel he worked from August 2007 until February 2009. There he developed a research concept to find out how to make pictures and emotions in advertisement accessable to blind people. His books: ”Ein regionales Wissensmanagement als profilbildende Maßnahme der einzelnen Regionen im Standortwettbewerb am Beispiel der Westküstenregion Schleswig-Holsteins“ (2007) and „Die Wähler werden immer wählerischer“ (2009) were published at the Grin-Verlag.

Wissenspool Westkueste

Sounds, the colours of blind people?

No blind person is equal to another blind person.
There are big differences in the experiences of the visual environment. Therefore the imagination of the world might be very different. Or are the pictures in the heads of blind people not based on experience but on the power of imagination in general? How does the imagination differ from one blind person to another blind person and between visual impaired and not impaired people? How can you transfer impressions and emotions, often given in visual signs, to blind people? These questions might be very important for the industry because of a changing demographical development in Germany and Europe in general and the decrease of visual abilities at a higher age.

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