Panel Discussion

Audio Branding: Art, Science or the Art of Science?

Towards a Consistent Methodology of Measurement for Sound’s Effects

Scholars and audio branding experts will discuss key questions like:

  • What key attitudes and behaviours can sound affect – measurably?
  • Is it ever worth asking people what they think about the sound around them?
  • There is a mass of evidence about the effects of music on consumer behaviour in retail environments – but how do we test in real life?
  • Different aspects of sound cause different effects, which can sometime be contradictory. How can we disentangle the spaghetti? Should we even bother trying?
  • Are there any valid and consistent ways for us to measure the effects of audio logos and brand sound identities?
  • How far should we trust our gut feel and professional judgment?
  • Is neuromarketing of any use at all?
  • What about cross modalities? Are they too complex to measure out of the laboratory?
  • How could our industry partner with academia for mutual gain?
  • Are there any techniques used in visual branding that we could adopt for measuring audio branding?
  • So is it feasible for us to produce a consistent measurement methodology that allows clients to benchmark and compare audio branding programs across the world?
  • What are your top tips for creating a powerful audio brand?


Panelists and Moderation

Professor Charles Spence (Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University)

Professor Nancy Puccinelli (Saïd Business School, Oxford University)

Henry Daw (Nokia)

Alexander Wodrich (Wodrich Audio Branding)

Adrion Porter (FusionFlow Media)

Rayan Parikh (Elias Arts)

Moderation: Julian Treasure