Multisensory Experiences

Enhancing Multisensory Experiences and Brands Through Sound

Speaker: Professor Charles Spence (Crossmodal Research Laboratory, Oxford University)


In this talk, I will highlight a number of the most exciting recent developments from the world of cognitive neuroscience as they apply to the enhancement of multisensory product and brand experiences through the utilization of sound. I will discuss the results of our continued collaboration with restaurants such as The Fat Duck and the sonic branding company Condiment Junkie in terms of the ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ dish: A gastronomic experience in which sound is used to change the taste of food (see Crisinel et al., 2012). I will summarize the latest findings from Anne-Sylvie Crisinel’s on-going research on the mapping of music (specifically notes and specific classes of instrument sounds) to tastes, textures, aromas etc (see Crisinel & Spence, 2012).

I will highlight our current understanding of the mechanisms underlying such unusual (some would even say synaesthetic) crossmodal matches (see Deroy et al., submitted), and the latest attempts to create a fuller parameterization of the musical attributes that match tastes and flavours. Finally, I will describe our attempts to influence people’s enjoyment and appreciation of a variety of more complex sensory experiences – in drinks such as Cognac (Crisinel et al., submitted), in perfume (together with Condiment Junkie and Roja Dove), and in augmented reality clothing applications (together with Condiment Junkie and Holition).

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