Consumer Research

The Role of Consumer Research in Audio Branding

Speaker: Professor Nancy Puccinelli (Saïd Business School, Oxford University)


Drawing on social psychology, I will focus on the fundamental ways in which sound can impact association and in turn influence consumer mood and emotion. I will discuss my work with Procter and Gamble on the Bounce brand fabric softener in which sound was used to communicate freshness. As part of this work I developed a Harvard Business School Note on the use of sound to influence consumer behavior (Puccinelli and Zaltman 2001). I will summarize my on-going research that uses sound to induce consumer mood and the consequent impact on consumer choice (Puccinelli et al 2012). This work highlights the importance of congruity of sound with other elements of marketing execution. Finally, building on my recent BBC interview, I will discuss the critical importance of congruity for retailers especially during promotional periods (see