TUI: Brand Sound Identity Development and Management for the TUI Aligned Brands

Client: TUI Consulting and Services GmbH
Agency: GROVES Sound Branding GmbH


TUI Travel is one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies, with over 250 trusted brands in 180 countries and more than 30 million customers. While the brands name TUI may only be familiar to customers within Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the visual logo – the so called TUI smile, is known all over the world, connecting brands like Thomson, Finnamakat, Fritidsresor, Arke, Jetair to the umbrella brand TUI Travel PLC.

Our task was to compliment the visual connection on the auditive level: To firstly develop a distinctive sound to unite the brands under the TUI umbrella, and then ensure that brand perception was consistent in all touch-points, applications and territories.

The presentation contains:

  • details of the Europe-wide Sound Workshop with the aligned-brands, where the TUI sound concept was developed and committed to.
  • findings from the GROVES Modules Brand Audit, Market Review and Application Analysis, as well as a look at the sound-mood-boards.
  • insights on the international market-research survey which was carried out in 6 countries with more than 6.000 participants.
  • the concepts behind the brand artist co-operations with hit pop artist Patrick Nuo, Cathy Battistessa of Cafe del Mar or the DJ´s Blank&Jones.
  • details of the TUI Brand Net: the global internet-based platform that ensures consistent brand management. It is the home of the Brand Sound Guidelines, which define usage rules and provide an extensive list of all available sound-elements (for advertising, retail, planes, ships, telephone, mobile, image-films,…). It also provides a collection of information on Sound Branding in general, as well as diverse studies.
  • stories behind the development of the Sound Identity, the applied buy-in-strategies and the daily brand sound management process across the globe – in a nutshell: it is about the way TUI uses sound to “make People smile”.


Time period of realization

2007 until today