TEDx Vale dos Vinhedos

Sound Identity for TEDx Vale dos Vinhedos

Client: TEDx Vale dos Vinhedos
Agency: B Sound Thinking, Brazil


TEDx is a catalyst of creativity and new ideas that happens at several places in the world, always in a very singular manner. Our challenge was to find the singularity of the Vale dos Vinhedos edition and evoke it through sound. In spite of being an event in which innovation and technology usually have a central role, the most important features of TEDx are the human relations and its connections – an effervescent, unordered and chaotic atmosphere that eventually reaches great results.

At Vale dos Vinhedos, a famous region in Brazil for its wine production, this chaos would meet an exuberant nature. That defined our approach: to put side-by-side our species evolution and the evolution of nature. We created a non-linear sound atmosphere, departing from unordered aleatory noises to more calm and bucolic sounds. Non-organic, noisy and technological textures formed this unordered mass that was transformed into a less chaotic, more musical atmosphere.

Our goal was to express the intention of the event: to stimulate the exchanging of ideas that would transcend chaos, reaching a new level, with positive outcome for the next generations. In order to support this quite complex reasoning, we needed to go beyond the sound identity: image stimuli were produced in a way that connected with the sounds and, at the same time, served as a counterpoint to them. In the same way that TEDx mixes itself with Vale dos Vinhedos, sound and image are mixed to give rise to a unique personality. Evolution and technology combine themselves with an exuberant nature.

Time period of realization

September 2011