True3D Branded Marimekko Retail Sound Environments

Client: Marimekko OY, Paktiv Corporation
Agency: Charles Morrow Productions LLC


In creating a soundscapes for an international designer retailer – Marimekko –  we capture the spirit of the brand as an entrance and  multi-environment experience (for various parts of the shops and diverse merchandise), and provide the functionality for the uses of the content structurally and emotionally. We create branded experiences and memories. Marimekko is used by all the family with a range of products from fabric to clothing to decorative items.  The staff is carefully selected and chosen to suit the brand and to support the service culture traditionally associated with the Nordic counties and to radiate a bit of intelligent, low key glamor. It is an all women sales staff, attractive women ranging in age from 20s to 60s – like their market and wearing Marimekko products exclusively and well.  The sales women range from slender to generously proportioned as do the Marimekko sizes.

We start making branded sound with an exceptionally crystal clear – True 3D sound is crystal clear – blend of Finland natural environment – in a mix of seasons – and a music stream that is faded in and out by formula while the environmental entrancement never ceases. We map and vary that blend over the shop.  We design as well the sound delivery system – True3D immersive audio – in fill and spill zones. Where contemplating fabric, more meditative, when buying kitchen and bathroom products, sounds of those environments, when doing the cash register – less immersive. No sound is delivered at ear level to permit conversation. True3D sound is entrancing even at low levels. True3D has vertical as well as horizontal and lateral diffusion with  transducers working together to create the illusion of a 3D sound space superimposed on the architectural space. The sound floats.

The light spirit and combinatorial soundscape-plus-music elements keep people happy to shop or work in Marimekko. They have added coffee areas because it is pleasant to be there. A bonus is that men shop Marimekko to hear the high tech sound.

Additional Information

Marimekko project description (PDF)

Time Period of Realization

2010 to present