Godfrey Phillips India

Music for Corporate Social Responsibility.
Co-Creating ‘The Bravery Song’ for Godfrey Phillips India

Client: Godfrey Phillips India
Agency: Elephant SoundSense, India


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) forms the backbone of the value system of any organisation. And for a successful CSR initiative, it is crucial that there be organizational participation at all levels, right from envisioning to structuring to execution.

To this end, Elephant Soundsense believes that music can be a great medium to bind the people in an organisation with its CSR objectives. Deepening the sense of belonging and ownership while realigning with the core values of the organisation. The biggest challenge, of course, was to make the whole process accessible to people across multiple locations and functions.

The workshops involved a logical sequence of steps, which included creating awareness about the ‘Godfrey Phillips India (GPI) Bravery Song Competition’ through posters/intranet/Facebook. The second step involved holding workshops across different offices across the nation.

The workshops included introduction to the CSR theme and different music genres, followed by theme creation, genre and tempo selection. The next stage involved writing of lyrics as part of a team. The best songs from all different regional offices were selected. The shortlisted songs then underwent a final selection by highly experienced and qualified judges and the final song was recorded by India’s best musicians/singers.

The Anthem thus produced may have a variety of uses like organizational caller tune / ring tone, tool for induction programmes and presentations amongst others. The creation of anthem in this way allowed for inducing active participation from the members of the organization in a fun-filled manner, help realizing the goal of CSR vision being close to the organizational goals and ethos.

Additional information

Project Overview (PDF)

Research data
Bravery Awards on Social Media – https://www.facebook.com/BeBrave.In – 715,000 likes.
Bravery Song – Employer involvement/Recall:
  • 450 out of 1800 employees had direct involvement with the production.
  • 100% awareness among employees.
  • Showcased in the awards ceremony.
  • Televised to an audience of 50 million.
  • 2012/13 – Bravery initiatives have been modelled on employee involvement successfully deployed in 2011/12 through the Bravery Song.

Time period of realization

August 2011 to March 2012


Track numbers 3 to 11 were composed, written and sung by members of Godfrey Phillips India. Track number 1 was remastered by Elephant SoundSense and sung by Uday Benegal – frontman of Indus Creed.