Audio Brand Guide – Globosat

Speakers: Natalia Lannes, Guilherme Flarys (Gomus)
Client: Globosat, Brazil
Agency: Gomus, Brazil


The Audio Brand Guide focuses on creating a comprehensive guide to audio branding for Globosat’s channels. Globosat is Brazil’s leading Pay-TV network company, with 36 channels and audience reach of 35.6m. Globosat is part of the Globo Organization, South America’s largest mass media group. Gomus is a leading Brazilian Music Branding agency, with more than 80 clients, from television, fashion, and gastronomy to hotels.

Our challenge was to define a separate audio DNA for each channel and establish a music choice methodology- all to be used by different departments within the network as well as outside business partners. Plus, Gomus organized the network’s current white-track library of over 50thousand tracks into a user-friendly and time-saving manner. Pioneering with the network’s top channels, GNT/Multishow/ SporTV, three separate guides were created with the aim of defining and consolidating their audio identity.

On top, Gomus selected, organized and classified the network’s white-track library according to each channel’s own ABG. Furthermore, 100 songs were recommended for each channel to use in vignettes and promo, accompanied by all necessary licensing/synch information. “Playlists” were created in order to organize all the tracks into the channels’ programming line-up and “personalities”. The library is now at their disposal through an exclusive search engine software developed by Gomus’ technology experts. The software advises the best song choice according to playlists, genres and mood selected by the user.

The result is a certified internal optimization when searching for the right music, moving the process from a less subjective/individual towards a more directed/planned/supervised one. The channels refreshed their sound identity, and for the first time, their musical identity was defined and documented together with its visual identity. By recommending tracks, we also helped with the synch process, a practice that is still archaic, costly, slow and unorganized in Brazil.

Time period of realization

January 2012 – present

Gomus Globosat Case Video Documentary