Friis Shopping Center

Client: Steen & Strom Centerdrift A/S, Denmark
Agency: Soundbranding, Denmark


Friis is established in 2010 as the most fashionable and largest shopping center in the center of Aalborg, Denmark as a divison of the Sten & Strom Concern, Denmark. The Name Friis, and the Visual Identity of the brand is developed by the Danish marketing company Yellow, Advertising A/S. Yellow presented and choose the track ‘Would I’ by the branded artist ‘Touch’n Go’ for TV, Radio and Cinema Spots for the launch of the center. The manager Mille Toft found the deal arranged by Yellow too expensive and was interested to get an individual and unique Corporate Sound Identity. The  sound branding development process started in marts 2011. After two tests, one performed by Friis among the shop managers, and one performed by Soundbranding among the audience in the shopping center. The tests documented that the metholodically developed Corporate Sound Identity. The implementation started in January 2012. The Corporate Sound Identity is implemented in Radio, TV and Cinema Spots and the next step is the implementation of the Ringtone and the animated logo on the web-site. Mille Toft has allowed Soundbranding to be very impressed of the very professional process and the fantastic result’. The feedback she is getting from clients and employers is very positive. There is a happy, emotional connection, awareness, recall and recognition.

Additional information

Research data
Test 1. Research among 21 Friis Clients.15 within the main target group women from 18 – 40 years, got the choice of 3 different music tracks, including the Friis Sound Design, approved that Sound Design developed by our method matches the expectations of the target group. The 6 people outside the target group 3 women, two girls 15 years and one women 56 years points as a chill out track to match their expectation,  and 3 men,  two boys  15 years old and one within the target group, 35 years old pointed at a more hard rock track to match their expectations. Test 2. Shop managers were introduced to the Friis Sound Design track on a morning meeting. They were all asked to write down one word to describe their experience listening to the Friis Sound Design. 57 gave a positive association as: happy, energetic, lively, canival  etc. 4 wrote things like noisy, jazzflip, etc. The result is to consider very positive.


Time period of realization

Development 2011, Implementation 2012