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Dear Reality GmbH



The evolution of audio mixing – dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT.
The software enables sound mixers to create immersive 3D audio content directly in VR. No more need to switch back and forth between the DAW and the VR production environment. With a revolutionary and gesture-controlled workflow it allows easy and optimized production of 3D audio content.



Take the next step into immersive 3D audio production mixing directly in VR. dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT eliminates the necessity of switching back and forth between the DAW and your VR production environment. Experience a revolutionary and intuitive gesture-controlled workflow, connecting your DAW to the VR world. Supporting workflows for binaural, ambisonics and loudspeaker output.

Fast & Intuitive Workflows
Visualize your mix. Control simply by gestures.
Control positions of sound sources simply by pointing at it in the virtual space around you. With the Minimap- Tool you always have the full mix and the automation data from your workstation at your fingertips. Use the VR controller to write automation and control a mix intuitively. dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT gives you the power to check and optimize your mixdown instantly using head tracking – the same as it will be perceived in the final medium by the user.

Control your DAW in VR
Transport control, switch automation modes, enable solo/mute and leveling
Jump through the timeline and tracks in VR the same as you’re used to in your DAW. Set & control markers, loop points, automation modes, and solo & mute individual for each audio source. Levels can be controlled with faders on the meter bridge or by simply performing an up or down gesture – just like painting your mix.

Advanced Spatialization
With dearVR PRO to monitor and render binaural and ambisonics
Each sound source in the dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT is a representation of a dearVR PRO spatialize track in your DAW. You can control the spatial position as well as the acoustic virtualization. Decide which audio format you want to output at the end and monitor it head-tracked with headphones or even loudspeakers.


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