David Attenborough’s First Life

David Attenborough’s First Life



BETTER SOUND 2022 | Category: Product


Alchemy Immersive



David Attenborough’s First Life is a 360 immersive media, Virtual Reality (VR) production with spatial audio resolution of 3rd Order Ambisonics, in stunning 3D 8k 60fps, that submerges viewers into our planet’s breathtaking ancient oceans.



Join David Attenborough as you journey 3.5 billion years into the past to witness the origins of life on our planet. Utilising world-leading paleontological research and breakthroughs in both CGI technology and spatial sound design, experience, for the first time, the story of how life evolved from single-celled organisms into the ferocious predators that stalked the seafloor. Presented at a quality unprecedented for immersive media, meet creatures such as the five-eyed Opabinia and the fearsome-looking Anomalocaris. Unlock the secrets of how they moved and how they thrived -all with complete scientific justification and in stunning 3D 8K 60fps.

First Life presents a new milestone for beautiful natural history storytelling while also setting a new bar for quality in mobile VR headsets. It showcases the potential and power of immersive storytelling by creating an experience impossible in any other format, outside of the constraints of real-time game-engine computation. Submerge yourself into our planet’s ancient oceans and discover the secrets to life with David Attenborough as your guide.


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