Benjamin Zucker

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Benjamin Zucker

Ben Zucker is a composer, improviser, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist who explores the potential of music in performative, theoretical, and interdisciplinary situations. He has worked with Chanticleer, Anthony Braxton, Rinde Eckert, and Taylor Ho Bynum in various capacities as a percussionist, vocalist, pianist, and brass player. His own music, ranging from concert chamber music to electronic miniatures and performance art, has been used in over a dozen plays and films, and has been premiered at the Banff Centre, CSU Long Beach, and Bennington College. He received his BA in Music, with a certificate in critical theory, from Wesleyan University.



When creating music, my clients are my collaborators; every decision is well-informed and discussed for maximum satisfaction and efficiency.

I bring a musical background highly informed by sound studies and theory to create work that speaks directly to audiences via affective signifiers rather than relying on old tropes and false divisions and assumptions.

Reason Why
Based on these two sentences above, I believe I have a lot to offer potential employers as a helpful collaborator who is looking to create great sound that also works well on every level.