ASUS Audio Identity

ASUS Audio Identity

BETTER SOUND 2023 | Category: Audio Branding


Sonic Minds



ASUS wanted to strengthen and express its brand through music and sound to gain stronger coherence between its products, audio landscape, and channels. And over time, create recognisability with the audio logo. It was essential to produce a sound that stood out from other tech companies, such as ASUS’ partners.


The ASUS master audio logo needed to have depth and complexity, combining the core values of the ASUS brand and still staying true to the mission and vision. Furthermore, we discovered that it:

  • It needed a clear and defined start and stop, making it distinct and strong and stand out when played with Intel and Windows.
  • It had to encompass the full spectrum of frequencies, making it complex and well-balanced.
  • It had to have excellent potential for spatial audio.
  • It had to contain many layers of audio DNA elements to be applied in different brand touchpoints.

We tested our sounds across different regions to ensure their sonic logo was consistent across different cultures. Furthermore, we developed the sonic logo to be deployed across the many brand touchpoints of ASUS.


Audio Identity
Based on the Audio Concept & we created an Audio Identity consisting of the audio logo and music toolbox containing two different tracks, expressing the diversity of the ASUS Brand. The Music Toolbox is a flexible audio library, giving ASUS several mixes & match possibilities for different needs. The music tracks are musical expressions that, in their way, reflect and represent ASUS’ brand and values. They are composed with the unique ASUS melody elegantly integrated within.

Audio Logo
The ASUS master audio logo was designed with depth and complexity, combining the core values of the ASUS brand and staying true to its mission and vision. In addition, harmonically speaking, the logo was based on an ASUS-chord variation, taking ownership of this chord and creating a strong narrative in the audio identity. Finally, it encompasses the full spectrum of frequencies, making it complex and well- balanced. It has tight and punchy bass elements, crisp mids, and cutting-edge high tones that pan around the listener for an elevated experience.

Project video