ISA2020 Sessions

2.4SINK by Instruments of Things



“Dance the Music” describes the novel music tech product 2.4SINK which uses multiple high-precision motion sensors and unique algorithms to control electronic instruments via a performer’s or instrumentalist’s own movements. It bridges the gap between IoT technologies and musical instruments and opens up new levels of creativity and individuality. The presentation will include live demos with a modular synthesizer and a walkthrough of all features to demonstrate usability and performance as well as potential use cases.

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Henrik Langer – CEO Instruments of Things

Henrik has always been passionate about music technology. After finishing a three and a half year apprenticeship as a systems engineer, he started studying information technology, received a Google scholarship and completed an Erasmus internship at the Center for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London. He is one of the inventors of the CTAG multi-channel audio systems and published his research results in the Audio Engineering Society Journal during his Master of Science. His expertise focuses on real-time systems with low latencies as well as the connection of electrical engineering and computer science. At the same time he is a music tech enthusiast and loves to invent new kinds of music gear. After his studies he founded Instruments of Things together with his friends David and Niko.