Treble – Enabling a Better Sounding World

Treble – Enabling a Better Sounding World



BETTER SOUND 2022 | Category: Product
Treble Technologies



Breakthrough sound simulation and rendering tech that will disrupt the world of audio, both in the physical world and in virtual worlds. Our proprietary tech is up to 1000x faster than current state-of-the-art solutions. Our technology enable various industries to improve sound fidelity, reduce noise and create much more engaging listening experiences.



Treble Technologies is a tech startup based in Reykjavík, Iceland, which develops ground-breaking technology for sound simulation and spatial audio rendering. The company was founded in 2020, but the core technology is based on years of R&D coming from top universities: EPFL, Virginia Tech and DTU. The applicability of Treble’s proprietary tech, which is up 1000x faster than current state-of-the-art solutions, is incredibly widespread, both in physical world applications (e.g., building design, audio equipment design and automotive design) and metaverse applications (e.g., virtual training and events, videoconferencing, augmented reality and video games). Ultimately, Treble’s products will enable various industries to improve sound fidelity, reduce noise and create much more engaging listening experiences, all in a more efficient and robust manner.

Treble is currently developing its first product –a cloud-based engineering sound simulation platform for acoustical design of buildings and products, i.e., tailored towards the physical world applications. This product is scheduled for release in Q4 2022, but product-market-fit has already been established through numerous pilot projects with globally leading companies from various industries. These pilots have confirmed the substantial value that Treble’s product offers, both in terms of enabling higher quality designs and in cutting design costs.

Soon, Treble will start R&D work for its second product, which is based on the same proprietary core technology: a virtual sound engine for the metaverse. This product, scheduled for release in 2024, will enable –for the first time –perceptually authentic 3D sound in metaverse applications. Research has unequivocally shown that sound has a major influence on how immersed people are into VR/AR applications, and that current state-of-the-art virtual sound technologies are unable to deliver authentic sound, which leads to a lack of immersion and user fatigue. Treble’s physics-based virtual sound engine will therefore be a critical component in ensuring user acceptance of metaverse applications.


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