Sound design. Why not just making it accessible, anyway?

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Sound design. Why not just making it accessible, anyway?



Based on the case presentation of a sound design project called the “Audio Newspaper Experience Design” conducted at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Art and nominated at the International Sound Awards 2018, Felix Urban will give a tour of the potential of sound, which can ideally be used for inclusive sound design. The session will therefore provide insight into the above-mentioned sound design project, which was conducted by using a user centric approach. The aim was to develop sound elements that enhance the experience of a spoken-only audio newspaper and provide a sound identity to its listeners, hence creating an accessible and emotional sound experience for the blind and visually impaired. The session will also explore a broader potential of functional sound design for accessible and inclusive environments, especially targeting the blind and visually impaired. That being said: doesn’t inclusive sound design actually mean, a design for everybody? This and other questions can be discussed at the end of the session.

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Felix Urban – Consultant / Lecturer

Felix Urban works as a strategic consultant and lecturer. In the broader field of digital transformation, he is specialised in media and sound studies. He lectures on product sound design and sound branding in the „Master of Arts in Sound” programme at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2017. As a consultant he works for WESOUND, an Agency for Auditory Brand Development and Sound Experience, with offices in Berlin and Hamburg. There, he is in charge of fostering the Consulting as well as Research & Development units. Besides, Felix Urban is the author of the book “Acoustic Competence” (Tectum 2016) and several scientific papers. He currently works on the publication of his doctoral thesis completed in Media Studies at the University of Potsdam.